Slow race

This is where participants and spectators can find the latest information about this semester’s slow race series. People who don’t know what this is but who are nevertheless curious should stop by the shop on Fridays around closing time.

Don’t not be last.

Week 1 [9/7/12]: Austin, 32 billion points to the victor. Honorary mention to Gabe who was balling but needs to peep the rule book.

Week 2 [9/14/12]: Doug, 32 billion points. Hopefully he DBs next week to defend his title.

Week 3 [9/21/12]: Austin, 32 billion points. Largest peloton yet.

Week 4 [10/5/12]: Doug, 32 billion points. Wasn’t there but I’m sure he did a track stand in the corner waiting for everyone else to take each other out.

Week 5 [10/12/12]: Doug, 32 billion points.

Week 6 [10/19/12]: Austin, 32 billion points. A valiant effort by McD. But it was no match for the mighty Laguna cruiser, could be Cooks, could be GT.

5 thoughts on “Slow race

  1. Doug says:

    I thought McDankNugs won one?

  2. Doug says:

    He’s won two now. This account is definitely faulty.

  3. Meow says:

    sucks 2 suck

  4. nolan says:

    is Meow chris?

  5. Clara says:

    Where is my epic one time victory? I demand justice!

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