Monthly Archives: October 2012

Rain, in and around the shop and a nice bike.

Hi there everyone,

For those of you weather forecast checkers (and also for you people who get the tickle in your elbow when it’s coming) , you know that it is going to rain. Or, at least, you figure it it pretty likely. Rain poses special problems for cyclers, and maybe we’ll have a post about how to do best in the rain but that’s not what I’m getting into now. What I’m getting into now is about the shop. When it rains we will be open down in the ASUC arts breezeway. To get there head down to lower Sproul: it’s the only breezeway down there. If you come looking for us in the normal spot when it is raining you will not find us. And remember: all of this is true only when it is raining. Okay.

Here are a few photos from two Fridays ago when it was not raining. Not the Friday that just happened, the one before that. I think that’s right, at least. Anyways, things were pretty busy and there were only one or two tools on the ground, so pretty good all-around.

The last picture is of a nice 650b conversion I’ve been seeing around campus. Way back when we used to have a ‘bike of the week’ photo type thing, maybe that will be revived. At any rate, it’s a nice bike so I figure I’d post it.