BicyCAL is a student founded and cooperatively run organization at UC Berkeley whose mission is to empower UCB students, faculty and staff to successfully integrate the bicycle into their daily lives. To that end we seek to provide a space where members of our community can learn how to maintain, operate and love their bicycles in an inclusive and safe place. We offer peer-to-peer bicycle repair and maintenance education in a radically positive environment.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. What is your contact information? I’d like to send more information regarding the Alameda County Transportation Commission. Thanks!

  2. Andrea Notch says:

    Hello there! I was recommended to contact you by Spokeland Coop about perhaps offering bike repair demos at the Safe Kids Day at the University Village on Sat 4/26. Alameda Public Health Nursing would love your assistance and see it as a win-win for marketing opportunities. Please contact me, 510-208-1236 or email at andrea.notch@acgov.org

  3. Phil Ebiner says:


    I work in the communications department at UC Berkeley and just created this video to promote Bike to Work Day 2014. We would love if you shared it on your social media sites/blog to help promote Bike to Work Day!

    Happy Bike to Work Day!

  4. Zihao says:

    When is your next meeting ?

  5. Zhuling says:

    Hey, I am wondering if I can order on-site service to help me assemble my bike?

  6. joanna says:

    Hey ! My name is Joanna and I would like some more info about your organization and how it has worked with the UC admin to acquire a space, voice, in the campus. I am doing a research project and would greatly appreciate your comments – reach me at joannamarrufo@gmail.com

  7. Jennifer Purcell says:

    do you do replacements for flat tires for free? if not how much?

  8. Naiya says:

    Can i rent a bike for summer school?

  9. Jennifer Purcell says:

    I have a bike that I won’t be using during the summer. I have to leave it up here because I’m flying home. If you want we can meet up sometime and I can show you the bike and how I would like you to lock it up and such.

    • Pieter Lauwaert says:

      Dear Jennifer

      I am an internat grad student from Belgium (KULeuven) who will taking some courses at UC Berkeley during the D Session of the Summer Program.
      I would like to have a bike during these 6 weeks to explore the region.
      I will be in Berkeley on Monday July 6, 2015.
      Yours faithfully

      Pieter Lauwaert

  10. Anne says:

    Anyone interested in lending out (or maybe selling) their used bike to me until Dec 2015? I’m a visiting scholar on a short term assignment.

  11. David Patterson says:

    We have 2 new FixIt bicycle repair stations on the north side of campus (one near Soda Hall and one near Cory Hall). Could someone offer a repair clinic to show how to use the stations?

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