A new semester.

Hey to every one of you in BicyCAL blog land,

We are still here and we are still totally a thing. Summer was a bit hit or miss, we were usually there but sometimes we were a bit late. But we helped people get their bikes ready for Burning Man, so whatever.

We will be posting our fall hours soon. We hope to be open five days a week but that’s not set in stone yet. Keep checking back and you should see new hours in the next few days.

We are offering a bike repair DeCAL. You can find it on the Berkeley schedule of classes and we should have it up on decal.org soon.

Lastly, if you are interested in getting involved with BicyCAL you should absolutely attend our organizational meeting tomorrow at 2pm at the shop (directions to the shop can be got on the post below this one). We gave people such short notice so we know that any new faces dropped absolutely everything to come to our meeting. Just kidding, we are just totes disorganized.

Please come to the meeting, we really need help!



One thought on “A new semester.

  1. Jordan J says:

    Yo! When are your hours this semester?!

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