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New news.


Here are some things.

BicyCAL will be facilitating a bicycle repair DeCal this semester. For more information go to

We will be open tomorrow, 8/29/13, from 3-5pm in observance of CalDay or Caltopia or Calapalooza or Christopher Calumbus Day or some such. Stop on by.

We will post shop hours for the semester in the next week or two so check back soonish for that.


Open shop today.

Sup haters,

We will be open today (8/2/13) from 12-3 at the shop.

Come on by.


We open now.

Sup summer bicycle cycling riders,

We’re open today, and every Friday this summer, from noon until 3pm. Come hang out and bask in the glory that is Gabe’s longhaired return to bicyCAL mechanicness.


BicyCAL, UC Berkeley’s Bicycle and Razor Scooter Repair Cooperative.

Summer hours.

Hello biking riders,

This summer, starting on 5/31,we will be open on Fridays from 12-3pm.


Last day of spring shop hours.


Tomorrow will be our last day of open shop for the semester. We will probably be open this summer but somewhat infrequently. So if you would like to sort something out about your bike it might be a good idea to come by tomorrow.


BicyCAL, UC Berkeley’s student run bicycle and razor scooter repair cooperative.

Shop update.


If you have been to the shop recently you’ll have noticed that there is still a shop and that we are still there. We have not heard anything from the campus about having to move out so keep on bringing us your Magnas, Nexts, Roadmasters and GMC Denalis.

Woop woop,


Spring semester shop hours.

Hello you,

This semester we will be open on Mondays from 12-3pm, Wednesdays from 12:30-2pm and Fridays from 12-3pm.

In the coming weeks it is possible that we will be moving locations. If this occurs I/we will post about that here. We will also post the time of our weekly (bi-weekly?) meetings soon. There is also a DeCAL that we are doing.

yours trooly,


Here we go.

Hi world,

As was mentioned last post, the future of our coop is a little uncertain. But we are sure that we’ll be open this Friday from 12-3pm in the usual place (adjacent to the Disabled Student’s Program) to ring in the new semester, year and all of that.

So stop on by if you need a little help with your bike. Or just stop by, we’d be glad to see you.

You should also check back here for future updates on shop hours, a new location (maybe?) and whatever else we deem blogable, bloggable.

Best wishes,


What’s new?

Hello world,

You may have noticed that our little bike co-op is closed for the winter. If you haven’t noticed, take it from me: we’re closed.

Moreover, we will no longer be operating out of our adorably crappy stairwell. This is because the redevelopment of lower Sproul, commencing like really soon, will begin with an ursine demolishment of our current space. If you don’t know what ursine means and don’t want to look it up like I did, it means that a huge fucking bear is going to annihilate our shop.

We do not know where, if anywhere, we will be relocating. So phone your local congresswoman, occupy the bathrooms in Wheeler and do not cease until the campus forks over a new home for BicyCAL. Unless we broke your bike instead of fixing it, in which case you should just be quiet. Anyways, this should leave at least some of you concerned. Check back here for more information and have a nice holiday.

biek on,