Volunteering at the shop.


Maybe you are wondering about how to go about helping out at BicyCAL. Is there some form to fill out, do I have to own more than one bike, do I have to have to know the difference between cottered and cotter-less cranks?

No, no and no (though if you did that would be nice).

All you have to do is show up to the shop when we’re open, announce that you’d like to help and then get after it.

While bike repair knowledge is great, it actually isn’t necessary. All you need is a desire to learn about bicycles, we’ll help with the rest.

Simple as that.


One thought on “Volunteering at the shop.

  1. Zane says:

    Hello. I live in Ridge House (in the Berkeley Student Cooperative) and we have some dysfunctional old bikes to donate. What is the best way to facilitate this handoff? Do you have a truck to pick them up, or should we figure out a way to drop them off at your shop? Email me at zwrankin@gmail.com

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